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Possessed of a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (some would simply say possessed) and having completed stints as editor of a statewide news magazine, as well as writer and creative director at two advertising agencies, John Sprecher looked around and said: I can do this.

The year was 1986 and, having learned from the successes and failures of his previous superiors, Sprecher set out with a creative partner to seek his own destiny. But that, as they say, was then.

Today, NOISE stands proudly as the next gen of that twinkle in Sprecher’s eye, a 30-years-smart brand realization agency of national stature and reputation. Brands amplified, baby. 


NOISE exists to provide premium consumer brands comprehensive, integrated and synergistic brand definition, development and delivery of remarkable quality, creativity, impact and results that exceed client goals and expectations for sales, profits and success. Or, put another way: Do great work. Make money. Have fun. Change the world for the better.