The King Is Dead, Long Live the King

Ask the experts and they will tell you, content WAS king, back in 2015, but is it still king?
The answer is complicated. In 2015, 72% of marketers said that relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic they used (Ascend2, 2015). NOISE was ahead of the curve, creating “innsiders” and “insiders,” as early as 2012, and that jump of generating user content was incredibly successful in boosting our clients’ website rankings.
But as the marketing and SEO climate changes, so do search engines. We can’t just put our eggs all in one basket, and that means generating content is king, but every king needs a good queen, prince and princess, jester and court. That means not only must you have great content, but structure, focused keywords, length of content, URL structure, social media, linked websites, established presences on Google Business, and a whole lot more go into our SEO strategy. That’s why clients pay agencies like us to manage SEO — it’s not as simple as setting up strategies and letting them run their course. It takes patience and time to establish yourself on the internet, and cheaters may benefit early, but they won’t benefit long.
So is content still king? The short answer is yes. The more relationships we build with news outlets, bloggers and advocates, the more real content that is generated, and the better your website will rank. But just remember, every king has his minions, and every ruler eventually turns over his kingdom — so keep yourself diversified when it comes to SEO strategy.
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