Storytelling: The mighty power of truth.

I witnessed an ad the other day for some smart phone that shall remain nameless. In it, a lovely family of five sets out on a bike ride to the beach on a beautiful, sun-drenched afternoon somewhere warm. Upon their arrival, they stop at a tiny grocery shack and order up ice cream for the three adorable children.
With the sound of the waves calling to them, they cross the quiet road, walk to the beach and, in a perfect moment with the golden hour approaching, grab a selfie or three. A moment later, an elderly gentleman seated nearby with his wife stands and approaches the father of the clan, nods to the kids and says: "These are the best days of your lives, you know."
Logo up. Fade to black. Memories that’ll last a lifetime, thanks to your cell phone.
The only problem with this story is that the ad I witnessed hadn’t been recorded. It was live, and it happened to the Sprecher family.
But that’s advertising today as storytelling, and why there’s so much power in truth. Our situation, our family and all that transpired — brought together poetically and poignantly in one sentence by an aging man, who saw his past in our present — certainly could’ve played out beautifully across 30 magical seconds of media and music.
And it would ring so very true.
So, branders and marketers, don’t work so hard to cook something up. Just look around, observe and find remarkable advertising in the powerful truths you deliver every day.
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