Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

I get calls every week asking to consider a media buy with a location guide, a fishing magazine, a beach lifestyle publication or more. And with every media call I take, I respond the same: “Each year, we put together an annual marketing plan for our client. We factor in our demographic targets, budget, and what other efforts we’ve committed to, to pull together a comprehensive plan for our client. If you’d like to be considered, please reach out to me with your best offer and plan, based on our parameters and budget, in September when we begin putting together this plan.”
This isn’t just a line for our media reps. It’s the gosh-darn-rootin-tootin-truth. Putting together an annual marketing plan helps you not only stay on budget, but it also helps you develop consistent branding, fine-tuned targeting and comprehensive reach. It’s also a great gauge to determine how we improve and revise for next year. That’s not to say we don’t adjust the plan throughout the year, and leave space for add-ons and new programs. We’re stubborn with our goals, but flexible with our approach.
It surprises me to hear from media reps who are not familiar with this concept. It’s not only common practice for us, it’s our manifest. If you’ve come across an agency that doesn’t put together and execute an annual, or bi-annual plan, you should question their process. How will they effectively spread efforts without knowing where the key pieces fall into place beforehand? And if you’ve come across an agency that doesn’t put together and execute an annual plan, then it’s time to have a conversation with NOISE to see how we can help.
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