Creative: Extra Crispy Is a Heat Stroke of Genius.

Regular followers of Trendspottings will note that it was but a few months ago that we were hailing the reincarnation of Colonel Sanders as "real life again" spokesperson for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Well, the creative genius that is Weiden & Kennedy has found a way to take the concept to the next level — sort of turning the burner up on an already hot and results-generating campaign.
By now, you’ve probably seen at least one of the many spots currently airing, in which an extra tanned George Hamilton pitches Extra Crispy KFC.
There’s a common reaction among creative professionals that when ideas are so obviously genius and spot on, you smack your forehead and shout: "Of course!" But the real truth is, getting to this aha moment normally takes a helluva lot of sweat, strained brains, hard work and rejected ideas. It just looks simply obvious because it’s ingeniously simple.
Did the casting create the concept or vice versa? Doesn’t really matter in the end. It’s the perfect combination, served with a side of mashed taters.
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